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The Emcee:
- _______ [Left 03-?]
- Meisje [?-09 (Etsy/Cafepress)

The Kit Kat Girls:
Rosie [Left 03-04]: Beth (Site)
Lulu [Left 03-04]:
Frenchie [Left 03"]:
Texas [Left 03"]:
Fritzie [Left 03"]:
Helga Nachtigall [03-08]: Erin [Site]

The Cabaret Boys!
Bobby [Left 03"]:
Victor [Left 03-05]: E.M.
Hans [Left 04-05]:
Herman [03-08]: Kris (Scentsy)

Sally Bowles!:
- _______ [Left 03-04]
- _______ [Left]

The Kit Kat Band (All OCs):
The Maestra (musical director, on piano) [Left/RIP 03-04]:
Chance (on Vocals) [06-08]:
Frankie (on Drums) [03-12]: Kris (Scentsy)
Danny Visconte (on Bass) [03-12]: Meisje (Etsy/Cafepress)
Nita (on Accordion) [Left 05-07]:
John (on violin) [Left 05-07]:
Charlotte (on Violin) [Left 03"]:
Liza (on clarinet) [Left 03"]:
Carl (on trumpet) [Left 03"]:

The Staff (All OCs):
Hannah (bartender) [Left 03"]:
Kai (bartender) [Left 04"]:
Fantine Cezane (cook) [Left 03-06]: Erika (Etsy)
Giselle (Waitress) [Left 03-04]:
Sebastian Leopold (Waiter) [Left 04"]
Kisa Elisaveta (Waitress) [Left/RIP 03"]:
Marie (Waitress) [Left 03"]:

Other characters:
Clifford Bradshaw: None
Fraulein Schneider: [left "03]
Herr Schultz: None
Kost [03-08]:
Leona Keil (OC) [04-09]:
Dolores Natalia Marroquin (OC) [03-08]: Jemma
Lydia Edith Blythe (OC): [Left 05-07]:
Ophilia E. Whitaker (OC) [03-07]: E.M.
Adam (OC) [Left 03-05]: E.M.
Magdalena Dorleac (OC) [Left 05-07]:
Leon Visconte (OC): Meisje (Etsy/Cafepress)
Tony Visconte (OC): Meisje (Etsy/Cafepress)
Salvatore "Sal" Bianco (OC): Meisje (Etsy/Cafepress)
Marco Lorenzo (OC): Meisje (Etsy/Cafepress)

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